What is the price of Payal Keyal Lehengas?

When you want to buy a bridal lehenga in Delhi, Payal Keyal is the best place to go. Their lehengas feature delicately handcrafted embellishments in a diverse array of hues. If you want a trendy lehenga, this is the place to buy it. They create trendy lehengas in a variety of colors. Shalimar, their latest 2022 bridal collection, is a mouthwatering combination of jewel-toned lehengas and exquisite craftsmanship. Whether you like Payal Keyal lehengas or not, they really stand out. So, how much does a Payal Keyal lehenga cost? Read on to find out!

Their bridal lehengas start at 2 million and go up to 5 million. They create large, complicated bridal lehengas. You can wear these lehengas at your wedding and reception to make a big impression. They are popular for their earthy and nude tones in 2022. These bridal lehengas may be the ones you’ve been dreaming of if you want to be free of the traditional red and pink lehengas. They can also customize a bridal lehenga for you. The cost is determined by the degree of customization and work required.


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